CS:GO Bind Keys (Key Codes List)

The following table contains all of the CS:GO key codes and mouse button codes that can be used for creating CS:GO binds.

In the table, bind key codes are in the "CS:GO Key Code" column. The "Keyboard Key" column will tell you what key it's referring to and additional information can be found in the "Details" column.

Be sure to check out our list of the best and most useful CS:GO binds for inspiration.

Keyboard KeyCS:GO Key CodeDetails
Left Mouse Clickmouse1Left Mouse Click
Right Mouse Clickmouse2Right Mouse Click
Scroll Wheel Click/Pressmouse3Scroll Wheel Click/Press
Mouse Side Button (Rear) Clickmouse4Mouse Side Button Closest to You
Mouse Side Button (Front) Clickmouse5Mouse Side Button Away From You
Mouse Wheel Up ScrollmwheelupScroll Mouse Wheel Forward
Mouse Wheel Down ScrollmwheeldownScroll Mouse Wheel Rearward
1 ENDkp_end1 END (numpad 1)
2 ↓kp_downarrow2 ↓ (numpad 2)
3 PAGE DOWNkp_pgdn3 PAGE DOWN (numpad 3)
4 ←kp_leftarrow4 ← (numpad 4)
5 (numpad only)kp_55 (numpad 5)
6 →kp_rightarrow6 → (numpad 6)
7 HOMEkp_home7 HOME (numpad 7)
8 ↑kp_uparrow8 ↑ (numpad 8)
9 PAGE UPkp_pgup9 PAGE UP (numpad 9)
0 INSkp_ins0 INS; (numpad 0)
. DELkp_del. DEL (numpad . DEL)
/ Forward Slash (Numpad Only)kp_slash/ Forward Slash (numpad /)
* Multiply Symbol (Numpad Only)kp_multiply* Multiply Symbol (numpad *)
- Minus Symbolkp_minus- Minus Symbol (numpad -)
+ Plus Symbolkp_plus+ Plus Symbol (numpad +)
Enterkp_enterEnter (numpad Enter only)
INSERTinsINSERT (Navigation Key)
DELETEdelDELETE (Navigation Key)
HOMEhomeHOME (Navigation Key)
ENDendEND (Navigation Key)
PAGE UPpgupPAGE UP (Navigation Key)
PAGE DOWNpgdnPAGE DOWN (Navigation Key)
uparrow↑ ( Up Arrow Key)
leftarrow← ( Left Arrow Key)
downarrow↓ ( Down Arrow Key)
rightarrow→ ( Right Arrow Key)
F1f1F1 ( Function Key)
F2f2F2 ( Function Key)
F3f3F3 ( Function Key)
F4f4F4 ( Function Key)
F5f5F5 ( Function Key)
F6f6F6 ( Function Key)
F7f7F7 ( Function Key)
F8f8F8 ( Function Key)
F9f9F9 ( Function Key)
F10f10F10 ( Function Key)
F11f11F11 ( Function Key)
F12f12F12 ( Function Key)
111 (Number Key (NOT numpad))
222 (Number Key (NOT numpad))
333 (Number Key (NOT numpad))
444 (Number Key (NOT numpad))
555 (Number Key (NOT numpad))
666 (Number Key (NOT numpad))
777 (Number Key (NOT numpad))
888 (Number Key (NOT numpad))
999 (Number Key (NOT numpad))
000 (Number Key (NOT numpad))
aaa (Letter Key)
bbb (Letter Key)
ccc (Letter Key)
ddd (Letter Key)
eee (Letter Key)
fff (Letter Key)
ggg (Letter Key)
hhh (Letter Key)
iii (Letter Key)
jjj (Letter Key)
kkk (Letter Key)
lll (Letter Key)
mmm (Letter Key)
nnn (Letter Key)
ooo (Letter Key)
ppp (Letter Key)
qqq (Letter Key)
rrr (Letter Key)
sss (Letter Key)
ttt (Letter Key)
uuu (Letter Key)
vvv (Letter Key)
www (Letter Key)
xxx (Letter Key)
yyy (Letter Key)
zzz (Letter Key)
Space Barspace(Space Bar)
- Hyphen-(Hyphen)
= Equals=(Equals Sign)
[ Left Square Bracket[(Left Square Bracket)
] Right Square Bracket](Right Square Bracket)
Backward Slash\(Backward Slash)
; semicolonsemicolon(semicolon)
' Apostrophe'(Apostrophe)
, Comma,(Comma)
. Period.(Period)
/ Forward Slash/(Forward Slash)
ENTERenterENTER (NOT numpad)
CAPS LOCKcapslock(Caps Lock)
ShiftshiftShift (Left Shift Only)
RightShiftrshiftShift (Right Shift Only)
CTRLctrlCTRL (Left Only)
CTRLrctrlCTRL (Right Only)
ALTaltALT (Left Only)
ALTraltALT (Right Only)