CS:GO Callouts and Terms Used in Valorant Explained

To most, Valorant feels like Counter-Strike with the addition of unique Agents and Abilities. 

In case it's not clear that Riot Games is looking to make CS:GO players feel at home, they even named their Sniper rifle the "Operator", allowing players to call it the "Op" which can be pronounced the same way most players say CS:GO's "AWP" weapon.

The creators of Valorant have been extremely successful in bringing over CS:GO players... and Counter-Strike players have brought all of their CS:GO callouts and terms with them.

In this guide, we'll explain what CS:GO callouts and terms mean when used in Valorant, to help bring those of you who never played CS up to speed.

CS:GO to Valorant Callout and Term Explanations

Here's a breakdown of the most common CS:GO terms that many players have been using in Valorant:

What Does "CT" and "T" mean in Valorant?

"CT" and "T" come from the team sides in CS:GO. Like in Valorant, the objective in CS:GO is to plant or defuse a bomb.

The attacking side in CS:GO are the "Terrorists (T)", while the defenders are the "Counter-Terrorist (CT)".

The Counter-Strike community uses these abbreviations for quick callouts, referencing the attacking team (T) or defending team (CT).

For example, if your teammate tells you an opponent is in "CT spawn" it means that the opponent is near the defenders' spawn/base.

Valorant CT Spawn (Defender Spawn)

Some players will also say something like "towards CT" or simply "CT" to indicate an enemy was towards the defenders spawn relative to where you are on the map, though not literally in the spawn.

On A site on the map Split, a "towards CT" callout likely indicates that they believe an opponent is at "A Screens".

Towards "CT" on Valorant map Split (A Site)

Another phrase you might hear is something along the lines of "This map is CT sided". This means that the map favors defenders.

What does "Heaven" and "Hell" mean in Valorant?

"Heaven" generally refers to a high ground position in Valorant

In CS:GO "Heaven" would typically refer to specific high ground spots on the map, like where the crosshair is pointed in the picture below from CS:GO's Cache map.

CS:GO Cache Map Heaven

In Valorant, the "Heaven" callout seems to be used a bit more liberally. 

On Valorant's Split map, a "Heaven" callout usually refers to either the "A Tower" or "B Tower" locations.

Valorant Split Heaven (A Tower and B Tower)

On Valorant's Haven map, "Heaven" callouts are usually referring to "A Tower" (where the crosshair is pointed).

"Heaven" on Valorant Haven Map (A Tower)

By contrast, "Hell" refers to what's directly beneath "Heaven".

On the Haven map, "Hell" is the space under "A Tower".

Valorant Heaven and Hell

What does "Bomb" and "C4" mean in Valorant?

While in Valorant the attackers' goal is to plant a "Spike" each round, CS:GO T-side players had to try to plant the "C4 explosive". 

Most CS:GO players referred to the explosive as the "bomb", and this term has been carried over to Valorant.

What is "U Hall" in Valorant?

"U hall" refers to the "U" shaped hallways in Valorant and CS:GO.

For example, on Valorant's Bind map, "U hall" is another name for the "A Lamps" hall (the room in the picture below).

What do "Deagle" and "AK-47" mean in Valorant?

While past CS:GO players refer to most Valorant weapons by their names, there are a few guns that players frequently refer to by their CS:GO equivalents.

If someone mentions the "Desert Eagle" or "Deagle", they're referring to the Sheriff Sidearm.

"AK-47" or "AK" refers to the Vandal Rifle.

Valorant Vandal

What is an "Eco Round" in Valorant?

If a teammate says that your team should "Eco" a round, it means that you should save enough money to buy a better loadout in the next round or the round after that. In other words, take time to build your teams economy so that you can have a better buy in the future.

Wrapping Up

That wraps up our list of the most common CS:GO callouts and terms used in Valorant.

If you want to know what any other callouts mean, ask us on twitter!