How to Show FPS in Valorant (FPS Counter)

A higher frame rate (frames per second or FPS) can be a huge competitive advantage in any video game, and Valorant is no exception.

If you're running a top of the line graphics card and gaming monitor, you'll be able to see opponents peaking around corners faster, have less system latency (time until your mouse and keyboard inputs are seen in-game), and have a smoother overall visual experience.

After spending the money on hardware to maximize your competitive advantage, you probably want to make sure you're getting the frame rate advantages you're expecting... So how do you show your FPS in Valorant?

How to Show FPS in Valorant (FPS Counter)

To show your FPS in Valorant, locate the "Client FPS" setting in the "Stats" settings under the "Video" settings tab. The image below shows exactly where you can find this in Valorant.Valorant Show Client FPS In-Game Settings (Show Frame Rate)

Valorant gives you the option of "Text Only", "Graph Only", or "Show Both". Personally, I like the "Text Only" option, which will show an updating FPS counter in the upper left corner of your screen.

Valorant FPS Counter (Frame Rate Counter)

The graph option will chart your recent FPS and display an FPS counter on the right side of your screen.

Valorant Show FPS Graph and Counter

The frame rate graph can be a bit distracting to always have enabled, but you may want to turn it on to more closely monitor your FPS if you suspect you're having issues.