What is a "Team Ace" in Valorant?

It doesn't take long playing first-person shooters to learn the term "Ace". An ace is when one player kills all of their enemies in a given round or a short time period (depending on the game).

While you're probably familiar with that term, you might have been left scratching your head when you saw the "Team Ace" banner flash across the screen in your most recent Valorant game.

What is a Team Ace in Valorant?

A "Team Ace" occurs in Valorant when every enemy player dies to a different member of your team in a round.

Typically, this means all five members of your team killed one enemy player. 

However, you can also get a Team Ace when the other team started the round with fewer than five players. For example, if the other team only started the round with four players because someone disconnected, your squad could still get a Team Ace if each member of the opposing team dies to a different player on your side.

Sage Resurrection

The Valorant Agent Sage has the Ultimate Ability "Resurrection," which can bring one of her teammates back to life.

This makes it possible to get a Team Ace despite one player on your team having two kills in a round since the resurrected player could be killed by two members.