What is "Econ Rating" in Valorant?

New Game. New Stats.

Valorant has added new stats so you can compare your skills and efficiency to other players in your lobby.

One of these stats is "Econ Rating", but what does this mean?

What is "Econ Rating" in Valorant?

"Econ Rating" in Valorant is a calculation of your damage dealt per 1000 CREDS spent. It's visible on the scoreboard after a match has concluded.

If you spend 40,000 CREDS through the course of a game while doing 4,000 damage to your enemies, you'd have an Econ Rating of 100 (4,000 / 40).

Its purpose is to give you a way to compare how efficient you are with the CREDS you spend each round on weapons and abilities compared to other players in your match.

Should You Care About Your Econ Rating?

While Econ Rating is a unique stat in Valorant, being absent from games like CS:GO, we wouldn't be too concerned with it.

The problem with Econ rating is that it can be "gamed". 

For example, you could only buy pistols each round, spending a small amount of CREDS for the damage you deal, thus resulting in a high Econ Rating. 

While you'd score highly in this one stat, you would have likely sacrificed your total damage output.

In general, a high Econ Rating is better than a low one, but we wouldn't be too concerned if it's low so long as you're winning games and helping your team.