Valorant Classic Weapon Guide, Stats, and Info

Valorant Classic - Sidearm Valorant Weapon

The Classic is a Valorant gun in the "Sidearm" class of weapons. It costs Free CREDS and we've ranked it in the B-Tier (Bottom Tier) in the current meta.

This weapon has "Low" wall penetration and a 12-round magazine capacity.

Check out the Classic stats table and read our guide below for more information.

Classic Stats

CapacityWall PenetrationFire Type
Fire Rds/SecAlt. Fire TypeAlt. Rds/Sec
6.753-Round Burst
spread increase
Head DamageBody DamageLeg Damage
-78 (0-30m)
-66 (30-50m)
-26 (0-30m)
-22 (30-50m)
-22 (0-30m)
-18 (30-50m)

Valorant Classic Cost

The Classic is the only free weapon in Valorant. You will automatically be given this Sidearm in the first round of each half or after dying in the previous round.

Unlike the Glock in CS:GO, which cost $200 to purchase, the Classic can be chosen for free in the buy menu at any point before the start of a round. This means you can drop an upgraded Sidearm to a teammate and get a Classic for 0 CREDS.

Valorant Classic Primary and Secondary Fire

Using this gun's primary fire, the classic is semi-automatic and capable of a maximum fire rate of 6.75 rounds per second (if you can click fast enough).

Like all semi-automatic weapons in Valorant, shooting very fast will reduce your accuracy. With that being said, you can still be fairly accurate while firing at quite a high rate of fire.

The Classic is the only Valorant Sidearm with a secondary fire type. Pressing the right mouse button fires an instant 3-round burst similar to how Shotguns work in the game. These 3 rounds spread over distance, making this gun's secondary fire best used at only very close distances (10m at most).

Valorant Classic Damage

Using the Classic's primary fire, it will take at minimum two shots to kill a full health enemy, whether they have shields or not. Its primary fire does 78 damage with a headshot from 0-30m, though its headshot damage drops to 66 beyond this range.

While you can't one-shot an enemy with the Classic's primary fire, its secondary fire is capable of doing up to 234 damage if all 3 shots hit your opponent's head. You could also one-shot an opponent with full shields if 2 shots hit their head or one-shot a shieldless opponent with one shot to the head and one to the body.

Valorant Classic Uses

In general, we'd recommend purchasing a primary weapon or upgrading your Sidearm.

We only recommend using the Classic in pistol rounds (first rounds of each half) when choosing to buy Agent abilities and/or light shields instead of upgrading to a Sidearm like the Ghost. You can also use this Sidearm in rounds that your team decides to save CREDS for future rounds if you don't have enough CREDS to make a "light buy".

Classic Spray Pattern, Fire Type, Spread, and Damage Videos