Valorant Judge Weapon Guide, Stats, and Info

Valorant Judge - Shotguns Valorant Weapon

The Judge is a Valorant gun in the "Shotguns" class of weapons. It costs 1500 CREDS and we've ranked it in the B-Tier (Bottom Tier) in the current meta.

This weapon has "Medium" wall penetration and a 7-round magazine capacity.

Check out the Judge stats table and read our guide below for more information.

Judge Stats

CapacityWall PenetrationFire Type
Fire Rds/SecAlt. Fire TypeAlt. Rds/Sec
Head DamageBody DamageLeg Damage
Per Pellet (12 total)
-34 (0-10m)
-26 (10-15m)
-20 (15-50m)
Per Pellet (12 total)
-17 (0-10m)
-13 (10-15m)
-10 (15-50m)
Per Pellet (12 total)
-14 (0-10m)
-11 (10-15m)
-9 (15-50m)

Valorant Judge Cost

The Judge Shotgun in Valorant costs 1500 CREDS. Below, we'll discuss the situations we'd consider opting for a Judge over similarly priced weapons like the Spectre SMG.

Valorant Judge Primary Fire and Damage

Unlike the other Valorant Shotgun, the Bucky, the Judge only has one Fire Mode. It's full-automatic and capable of shooting 3.5 rounds per second.

Compared to the cheaper Shotgun, this rate of fire makes the Judge a lot more viable if you catch yourself facing multiple attackers. However, you'll only want to take these fights at close ranges.

Each Judge shot fires 12 pellets. Each pellet can do a maximum of 34 damage to the head, 17 to the body, and 14 to the legs. The damage drops off at 10 meters and again at 15 meters.

Like real shotgun ammo, the pellets of the Judge spread apart as they travel downrange. This separation of the Judge's pellets, combined with its damage drop off, seem to make it impossible to kill a full health opponent with Heavy Shields from just one shot.

Valorant Judge Shotgun Uses

Generally, we only like Valorant Shotguns as a Defender because you have a better chance to catch opponents at close ranges. On this side of the map, you can hold close around a corner and try to one-shot a peaking enemy.

This gun is also very beginner-friendly, as you can be fairly liberal with your "run and gunning".

At 1500 CREDS, the Judge can be a viable alternative to the Spectre SMG, but you'll likely find it harder to use effectively in a lot of situations (such as retaking sites for spike defusals).

We like it most for defensive eco-rounds, where maybe you have a bit more CREDS than your teammates and want to ensure a full-buy next round.

Judge Spray Pattern, Fire Type, Spread, and Damage Videos