Valorant Marshal Weapon Guide, Stats, and Info

Valorant Marshal - Sniper Valorant Weapon

The Marshal is a Valorant gun in the "Sniper" class of weapons. It costs 1100 CREDS and we've ranked it in the A-Tier (Middle Tier) in the current meta.

This weapon has "Medium" wall penetration and a 5-round magazine capacity.

Check out the Marshal stats table and read our guide below for more information.

Marshal Stats

CapacityWall PenetrationFire Type
Fire Rds/SecAlt. Fire TypeAlt. Rds/Sec
1.5Zoom Mode (2.5x)
(slightly reduces spread)
Head DamageBody DamageLeg Damage
-202 (0-50m)-101 (0-50m)-85 (0-50m)

Valorant Marshal Cost

The Marshal is the cheaper of Valorant's two Snipers, priced at just 1100 CREDS. This price makes it a viable eco-round/light-buy weapon option.

Valorant Marshal Primary Fire and Scope Zoom

Unscoped, the Marshal is actually quite accurate for a Sniper. Up to around 10 meters, you can still hit headshots extremely consistently.

While the focus of this gun isn't to be used hip-firing, it's a nice plus for when you're being swarmed.

While the more expensive Operator Sniper has two levels of zoom when scoping in, the Marshal only has a 2.5x zoom. Neither option allows for "quick-scopes" like you could do in CS:GO.

Valorant Marshal Damage

The Marshal does 202 damage to the head, 101 to the body, and 85 to the legs. This means you can one-shot headshot all opponents, but only one-shot a full health opponent to the body if they don't have shields.

By comparison, the Operator can one-shot full health enemies with Heavy Shields to the head and body. Leg shots with the more expensive Sniper will even kill full health enemies with Light Shields.

Valorant Marshal Uses

The Marshal is a super cheap weapon that can let you win rounds that your team is outgunned... But you'll have to hit your headshots.

As is usually the case with Snipers, it's best to hold long angles with the Marshal and generally keep your distance from Opponents.

Marshal Spray Pattern, Fire Type, Spread, and Damage Videos