Valorant Phantom Weapon Guide, Stats, and Info

Valorant Phantom - Rifles Valorant Weapon

The Phantom is a Valorant gun in the "Rifles" class of weapons. It costs 2900 CREDS and we've ranked it in the S-Tier (Top Tier) in the current meta.

This weapon has "Medium" wall penetration and a 30-round magazine capacity.

Check out the Phantom stats table and read our guide below for more information.

Phantom Stats

CapacityWall PenetrationFire Type
Fire Rds/SecAlt. Fire TypeAlt. Rds/Sec
11Zoom Mode (1.25x)
(slightly reduces spread)
Head DamageBody DamageLeg Damage
-156 (0-15m)
-140 (15-30m)
-124 (30-50m)
-39 (0-15m)
-35 (15-30m)
-31 (30-50m)
-33 (0-15m)
-30 (15-30m)
-26 (30-50m)

Valorant Phantom Primary Fire, ADS, and Damage

The Phantom is a full-automatic Rifle with a fire rate of 11 rounds per second when hip-firing and 9.9 rounds per second when aiming down its sights. When aiming down its sights (1.25x zoom), bullet spread is slightly reduced.

Compared to the Vandal, which also costs 2900 CREDS, the Phantom has slightly more manageable recoil/bullet spread, a higher rate of fire, and holds 5 additional bullets in its magazine.

Within 0-15 meters, the Phantom does 156 damage to the head, 39 damage to the body, and 33 damage to the legs. While it can one-shot headshot opponents under 15m, it's headshot damage drops off to 140 at 15-30m and then drops off again to 124 beyond this.

For this reason, we've actually been surprised by how many high-level streamers and pro Valorant players have chosen the Phantom over the Vandal. Generally, players are split between the two guns.

Valorant Phantom Uses

If you're not using the Operator, the Phantom or the Vandal are the best guns to buy on full-buy rounds. We would, however, generally prefer to have Heavy Shields and certain Agent Abilities when you're strapped for CREDS, even if it means going with a cheaper weapon.

Though the Phantom is very good at all ranges, keep in mind an opponent with a Guardian or Vandal has the ability to one-shot you from further distances. The split-second between you landing a second shot or even missing a second shot can be a huge difference-maker.

Phantom Spray Pattern, Fire Type, Spread, and Damage Videos