Valorant Stinger Weapon Guide, Stats, and Info

Valorant Stinger - SMGs Valorant Weapon

The Stinger is a Valorant gun in the "SMGs" class of weapons. It costs 1000 CREDS and we've ranked it in the B-Tier (Bottom Tier) in the current meta.

This weapon has "Low" wall penetration and a 20-round magazine capacity.

Check out the Stinger stats table and read our guide below for more information.

Stinger Stats

(Burst Mode)
CapacityWall PenetrationFire Type
Fire Rds/SecAlt. Fire TypeAlt. Rds/Sec
18Zoom Mode (1.15x)
4-Round Burst
(reduces spread)
Head DamageBody DamageLeg Damage
-67 (0-20m)
-62 (20-50m)
-27 (0-20m)
-25 (20-50m)
-23 (0-20m)
-21 (20-50m)

Valorant Stinger Cost

The Stinger is the cheaper of Valorant's two SMGs, priced at just 1,000 CREDS. This price lets you force buy the weapon in every non-pistol round, though we wouldn't recommend that strategy.

Valorant Stinger Primary Fire

The Stinger's primary fire is full-automatic with the highest fire rate of any Valorant weapon (18 rounds per second). 

When you consider that the Stinger only has a 20-round magazine capacity, this means you can shoot an entire mag in just over one second.

Compared to Rifles, the spray pattern of the stinger is more manageable in terms of how much you have to pull down your mouse. However, this gun's insanely high rate of fire makes it difficult to adjust for recoil quickly.

Valorant Stinger Secondary Fire

Riot Games, the creators of Valorant, made an interesting decision to make the Stinger fire a 4-round burst when aiming down its sights. The burst makes it easier to shoot accurately at longer distances.

At 30+ meters, even when aiming down sights, the Stinger's accuracy is pretty poor though.

Valorant Stinger Damage

The big downside to the Stinger is its low damage output per round. From 0-20m, it only does 67 damage per shot to the head.

Facing an opponent with full health and Heavy Shields, you'd need to hit them with at least 3 shots to kill them. This gives an enemy with a rifle a big advantage as they can kill you with their first shot before you hit 3 shots. Keep in mind, of course, that it's more difficult to land multiple shots than one (especially to the head).

Stinger Uses

When possible, we'd avoid using the Stinger.

Instead, we usually prefer to pay more for the Spectre SMG when possible, as it can two-shot enemies to the head for 600 more CREDS. In other classes, you can consider the Sheriff Sidearm or the Marshal Sniper at similar prices.

The only time we like buying the Stinger is when your team is determined to buy and it's the best gun you can afford after purchasing shields and Agent abilities. In particular, we like it in rounds when you're fairly confident your opponents are saving and they won't have any shields.

Generally, we'd try to play close angles with the Stinger and avoid long-range battles due to the gun's low damage and poor accuracy at further distances.

Stinger Spray Pattern, Fire Type, Spread, and Damage Videos