Submit a Valorant Player's Settings Update or Add Settings for a New Player

We do our best to keep our Valorant Pro Settings database as accurate and current as possible by regularly contacting players and searching through their recent Twitch clips. However, it's a tough task because players are regularly making small changes to their settings and gear.

If you notice a player's settings are out of date, or you want us to add a new player, you can use the form below. We're incredibly thankful to people like you who help all users of our website get the most accurate and up-to-date information!

To help everyone gain access to the latest and most accurate players' settings, please submit a source (Twitch Clip, Timestamped Video, or Social Media Post) so that we can verify the settings you're requesting we update. We'll do the rest!

Thanks again for helping make this the best resource for visitors like you to find the most accurate Valorant pro player and streamer settings!